July 11, 2022

The CIA Has The Best Drugs!

Join this weeks adventure in drug dealing! The CIA has had their hands in helping create the crack epidemic, the influx of heroin into the U.S. and helping drug kingpins avoid arrest....Allegedly of course. Travel to Central and South America, the Middle...

Discover the CIA's shocking involvement in drug trafficking on this week's episode. From their role in the crack epidemic to their assistance of drug kingpins, we'll explore the evidence and reveal the truth behind these allegations. Join us on a journey to Central and South America, the Middle East, and Asia on Air America, courtesy of the CIA!

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Declassified Dave: Greetings Hushlings Hustronauts and Hushtilians welcome back to the Hush Hush Society conspiracy Hour 
Mystery Mike: Where we journey into the world of conspiratorial mysteries and dark truths
Declassified Dave: I'm Declassified Dave.
Mystery Mike: And I'm Mystery Mike and as always we're joined by our shadowy CIA agent Slick Fronk Sanders.
Slick Fronk Sanders: Hey yo, Slick Fronk Sanders here. Mike, Dave. Good evening. Top of the mornin'
Mystery Mike: how are we doing boys? Are we feeling loosey goosey?
Slick Fronk Sanders: Goosey loosey all day, baby.
Declassified Dave: Yeah. 
[00:01:00] Mm-hmm mm-hmm
Mystery Mike: guys ready to run some drugs?
Declassified Dave: absolutely.
Slick Fronk Sanders: I mean sounds illegal but that could be fun
Declassified Dave: Why don't you let Busta do a line of Coke off your boner. In this addition, we will have an internal investigation of the CIA yet again, and their involvement in trafficking, drugs, like cocaine, heroin, LS, D, and other substances to urban U.S. Communities, as well as the countries, they were secretly operating and trafficking in.
Slick Fronk Sanders: We look into some of the allegations, some clandestine and shady operations, the people that were involved in possibly one of the most massive topics of conspiratorial debate, accusing the CIA.
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Mystery Mike: Well, boys, it is the beginning of summer let's get the barbecue going and let's grill the central intelligence agency. See what I did there. See what I
Declassified Dave: Fuck. Yeah. Barbecues,
Slick Fronk Sanders: whoa.
Mystery Mike: Crackin' a cold one.
Declassified Dave: Hush Hush Society Conspiracy Hour is brought to you by Coors light. No, I'm just kidding.
Slick Fronk Sanders: Oh, man.
Declassified Dave: side note guys, we got hit with copyright infringement on 27 club because whatever intro song we used, we didn't get copyright infringement for saying sponsored by Nike in heaven's gate. So 
Slick Fronk Sanders:that's a good, that was a win 
we're, we're not on Nike's radar yet. That's why,
Declassified Dave: Yeah. That's why
Mystery Mike: they're coming for us, except [00:05:00] they're coming for us with sponsorship offers. Hey guys, we heard you talking about cults. we're gonna recreate some Nike Decades just for the Hush Hush Society
Slick Fronk Sanders: hell yeah. How dope, how awesome would that
Mystery Mike: Geez. I don't even care how much they charge. 
Slick Fronk Sanders: They're gonna pay us to wear 'em.
Mystery Mike: All right, let's begin with a quick breakdown of this entire scandal and or operation. What were the CIA supposedly trafficking throughout areas of the globe?
Declassified Dave: Funny you ask crack cocaine and heroin for the most part yet, there was definitely some good indicators that marijuana or cannabis was used in similar ways. That brick weed.
Mystery Mike: Physically had to get that out.
Slick Fronk Sanders: come on. It's so fun. Picking out all the seeds, 
you know, you love it. 
Mystery Mike: isn't that like the bonus? You get the seeds and the stem so that you 
can grow your own brick weed.
Slick Fronk Sanders: I thought you meant the bonus so that when you're smoking the little seed pops and give [00:06:00] you a little
Mystery Mike: I wouldn't know anything about that. I don't do drugs. 
Slick Fronk Sanders: no. I learned all of this from 
Rick and Morty.
Mystery Mike: I'm not a drugger and a villainoid
Slick Fronk Sanders: these claims have led to investigations by the United States government, including hearings and reports by the house of representatives, the Senate department of justice and the CIA's office of the inspector general. 
Declassified Dave: Now guys, granted, we are only skimming the surface of this topic and we probably should revisit it at some point, maybe season seven. but let's see what we can get through today.
Mystery Mike: The history of the CIA and their shady operations are quite lengthy and extensive. So for us to get through it all in one episode will be very daunting. So let's, as Dave said, let's see, 
We begin our run in France in 1937. Illegal heroin labs were discovered near Marseille, Corsican gang leader Paul [00:07:00] Carbone was in charge of these labs For years the Corsica n underworld had been involved in the production and distribution of heroin, primarily in the United States. This heroin network became known as the French connection over time. 
Declassified Dave: That won't go good in fondue man.
Slick Fronk Sanders: Did you just make up a saying, is that.
Mystery Mike: New saying of the hush 
hush society. That won't go good in fondue.
Declassified Dave: that. Black tar won't do too well in fondue.
Well, after world war II, the CIA and the S D E C E, which is an external intelligence agency that operated in France from 1944 to 1982, protected the Corsican gang in exchange for their assistance in preventing French communists from seizing control over Marseilles' old port. 
Mystery Mike: Hmm. 
Slick Fronk Sanders: Also on the 15th of August in 1951. Point stre [00:08:00] experienced a poisoning outbreak characterized by acute psychotic episodes in a variety of physical symptoms. There are around 250 people involved, including 50 people who were detained in asylums and four deaths.
Declassified Dave: . Remember we talked about that one in, was it MK ultra, 
way back in our second ever episode. that was pretty crazy because what was it supposed to be like? They claimed it was gonna be like wheat fungus or some type of 
Mystery Mike: which apparently is pretty 
Declassified Dave: was the same type of fungus or something similar that.
Derived into LSD. Right. We talked about, there was a, doctor that created LSD in Switzerland, 
Slick Fronk Sanders: Yeah. And he went on his famous bicycle ride. Yeah. Yeah. 
Mystery Mike: Majority of academic sources acknowledge naturally occurring ergo poisoning in rye flour as the origin of the epidemic, as we just kind of delved into, although a minority speculate on other factors, [00:09:00] such as mercury or even the CIA drugging people with LS D and mass quantities.
Declassified Dave: that's probably what it was.
Slick Fronk Sanders: gotta give him the benefit of the doubt. It definitely could have just been. Or got poisoning, right? 
Declassified Dave: it's common, I guess, 
Slick Fronk Sanders: for, for sure. Probably 
Mystery Mike: It's not like the CIA would ever do anything like that. They would never poison people in mass. 
Why would they do that?
Declassified Dave: During the period of geopolitical tension between the United States and the Soviet union and the respective allies also known as the cold war, there was an operation called operation midnight climax. And we also talked about this in our second ever debriefing. And we talked about it in depth.
We poked.
Mystery Mike: Yeah. 
Slick Fronk Sanders: Oh yeah. How, how could we not get into depth on midnight climax, which in fact started in 1954, it consisted of a web of [00:10:00] CIA run, safe houses in San Francisco.
It was established in order to study the effects of L S D on non-consenting individuals. You see prostitutes on the CIA payroll were tasked with luring clients back to the safe houses where they were unknowingly given substances, including L S D and monitored behind one way glass.
Mystery Mike: You guys remember talking about that during our MK ultra episode, kind of a creepy thing to think about this, like Boston based FBI, CIA. Operative, whatever he was just sitting behind this glass and like a white wife beater, just feverishly, just going to town on himself.
Slick Fronk Sanders: had toilets back there too. Right? Cause they just had to stay there all
Mystery Mike: Imagine how hot it had to be because there were no windows in there. It was essentially just a glorified closet. 
Declassified Dave: a porta potty with a [00:11:00] hole.
Mystery Mike: The prostitutes were instructed in the use of post codal questioning. Sounds like me and my wife to investigate whether the victims could be convinced to involuntarily reveal secrets. Hmm.
Declassified Dave: Sounds hot.
Slick Fronk Sanders: now, was it possible that they were possibly sponsored by Vaseline and or Kleenex?
Mystery Mike: More like Trojan
Declassified Dave: You're gonna need a lot of Kleenex. Can
Mystery Mike: Trojan and Haynes wife beater. Undershirts.
Declassified Dave: You imagine just that, that guy that's in there, you said he was, he was a Boston based operative, right? One of the guys, and he's just sticking to the chair and he is like, oh my God.
Mystery Mike: Oh my, 
Declassified Dave: naked. Oh my God, Bobby, I'm sticking to the chair and you just hear like,
Mystery Mike: Oh, just peeling 
Slick Fronk Sanders: he's just so fucking hot. At some point, he has to get out of that room and he busts into the hotel room. And this dude is like peeking [00:12:00] on LSD and somebody busts out of the wall button naked. And he's from Boston. You're in San Francisco. You've never met a Bostonian in your life and you guys are just screaming at
each other in the 
Mystery Mike: Nightmare nightmare nightmare. 
Slick Fronk Sanders: Had to have been terrifying. 
Mystery Mike: Moving on to a headliner of the CIA's drug plots, the crack epidemic, which was the increase of crack cocaine consumption in major cities across the us, mostly during the early to late 1980s and the early 1990s.
Slick Fronk Sanders: Now the bulk of cocaine delivered to the us in the early 1980s, arrived in Miami. Obviously having originated in Columbia, which had been smuggled through The Bahamas and the Dominican Republic, African American families were mostly concentrated in low income inner city neighborhoods at the time as a result of racial segregation and discriminatory activities by real estate brokers, this resulted in crack [00:13:00] having a considerably greater impact on African American communities than on other communities.
Declassified Dave: is some shitty real estate 
There's also some other statistics, the homicide rate for African American males aged 14 to 17, more than quadrupled between 1984 and 1989. While the homicide rate from males aged 18 to 24, nearly doubled as well.
Mystery Mike: That's actually pretty staggering. And if you think about it, a lot of that has to do, obviously with the introduction of crack cocaine into those neighborhoods, not only as consumers, but also as sellers and dealers. 
Slick Fronk Sanders: There's the old saying that crack kills
and it 
Mystery Mike: This is very true. 
Looking at it. You can see the increase of gang activity also, because then you have groups of people getting together, forming these gangs so that they can pedal the crack so that they can have some sort of force and some sort of [00:14:00] backing behind them to gain these territories, to ultimately make more money off of the neighborhoods that they're dealing to.
introducing crack into these neighborhoods, definitely perpetuated a lot more violence and a lot more messiness into those overall communities 
Declassified Dave: Interestingly enough, as of 2014, the United States was the world's largest overall consumer of drugs. figures. Yay. A hundred percent. yeah, in my experiences. I see people on crack multiple times a day.
Mystery Mike: You are 
super lucky. 
Declassified Dave: And more than one, I mean, and you could see probably five or six in an hour, if you're really lucky, depending on what 
neighborhood you're in. 
Mystery Mike: need new roommates. 
 The CIA's 
anti-drug unit accidentally sent a metric ton of cocaine into the United States from Venezuela in 1990, as part of an operation to infiltrate and acquire evidence on drug organizations.
According to the us [00:15:00] government, of course. Uh, how quick question, how do you accidentally send a metric ton of cocaine into a neighborhood in the
United States 
Slick Fronk Sanders: so I hate to say it, but most things CIA related, I directly translate it to American dad. And I don't know how familiar you are with the show, but it like, it surrounds this nuclear family and the father is a CIA agent and he's got this like wicked irresponsible boss, supervisor, guy. Who's like the head of the CIA.
And that's totally something that he would say in one of the episodes like, oh, well, Stan, we accidentally sent a metric ton of crack cocaine into your neighborhood. You have to take care of it I think that's something that, that could happen. 
Probably not. They might write it off that way.
Mystery Mike: That cocaine would eventually go on to be sold in the streets. That's another thing. Why would the CIA just let their drugs 
accidentally be taken away and sold in the streets anyways? [00:16:00] Although no criminal charges were brought in this case. CIA officer Mark McFarland resigned good for him.
The officer was disciplined according to the CIA, there was poor judgment and management on the part of several CIA officers in the incident, I would say so
Declassified Dave: No, shit, no shit. here's the thing. The CIA's anti-drug unit 
Mystery Mike: mm-hmm 
Slick Fronk Sanders: you gotta fight fire with fire.
Declassified Dave: you need bait. Right. You know, so, but still the anti-drug unit a drug 
problem that's 
Mystery Mike: Quote accidentally. Don't forget the 
accidental part. 
Declassified Dave: it's just like leaving your debit card at a restaurant. It's just super easy, super small, you know, we just left the fucking pallet of cocaine. , in the middle of Inglewood in LA and everybody just ran to it, 
Mystery Mike: So at the time, obviously people [00:17:00] knew what crack cocaine was or knew what cocaine was. How much crack usage was happening during the eighties. There was a lot, right?
Declassified Dave: I would imagine. Yeah. I have a question. I've never done cocaine or crack. So 
why is crack cocaine lumped in the same thing? Is it the same thing? Just in a different form?
Slick Fronk Sanders: Yeah. I mean, so crack is cocaine cooks down with additives to make it smokeable, and it's a stronger, shorter high. So essentially by cooking it into crack, you increase profits and you get people more addictive because , the highest shorter,
Declassified Dave: Can't you inject 
Mystery Mike: Yeah. Uh, yes. Yes, you can. 
Declassified Dave: this is just the slippery slope to heroin 
Mystery Mike: I think once you're at the point where you're smoking 
crack or you are even searching for crack, uh, the slope is no more. You're you're at the [00:18:00] bottom. there 
Slick Fronk Sanders: You are 
Declassified Dave: must be a hell of a drug because everybody's on it.
Slick Fronk Sanders: I've heard. It's 
Mystery Mike: It's cheap too.
Slick Fronk Sanders: You don't even need to buy paraphernalia. All you need is like tin foil in a lighter. 
DEA field agent, Hector Barres stated during a PBS frontline investigation. I believe that elements working for the CIA were involved in bringing drugs into the country. I know specifically that some of the CIA contract workers, meaning some of the pilots in fact were bringing drugs into the us and landing some of these drugs in government air bases.
And I know, so, because I was told by some of these pilots that in fact they had done that
Mystery Mike: me, 
Slick Fronk Sanders: that's solid 
Declassified Dave: Dude, dude, I dropped this pallet off at Vandenberg air force baseman. It was just all heroin, bro. What are the [00:19:00] military doing with heroin? Who fucking knows man, back to the Dominican. Like it's always that it's always that weird white guy in a James Bond movie wearing a Hawaiian shirt that brings you an Cessna to the Dominican Republic
or Puerto Rico. 
Mystery Mike: Why is it gotta be Puerto Rico? Puerto Rico has nothing to do with this. 
Slick Fronk Sanders: Why 
is it 
Mystery Mike: Yeah. Why 
Declassified Dave: It's always a white guy.
Slick Fronk Sanders: Why is it gotta 
be James Bond? 
Declassified Dave: yeah. White. Okay.
Slick Fronk Sanders: okay.
Declassified Dave: You caught me up against a wall there. You just hit me with every wise. It gotta be. 
This gets 
us to the country of Venezuela. It starts with a plot in 1993 to help an undercover agent acquire the trust of a Columbian drug gang. , the plan called for the unregulated shipping of hundreds of pounds of cocaine from Venezuela provided by a Venezuela, an anti-drug squad that was collaborating with the CIA and utilizing cocaine captured
in Venezuela. 
Mystery Mike: so what we were just saying where you [00:20:00] keep a stockpile of cocaine to use in later operations to trap people pretty much. 
 The shipments took place, despite the objections of the U S D E a. When the failed plan came to light, the CIA officer in charge of the operation resigned, it's always a resignation and his supervisor was transferred. Let's continue our journey through central America.
Slick Fronk Sanders: The United States committee on foreign relations launched an investigation into drug trafficking from central America and south America, as well as the Caribbean to the United States. Back in 1986, the investigation was led by the subcommittee on terrorism, narcotics, and internal operations, which was chaired by Senator John Carey.
And. Its final report in 1989 was known as the carry committee report.
Declassified Dave: Real original
Slick Fronk Sanders: Yeah. Yeah. Good thinking.
Mystery Mike: things.
Slick Fronk Sanders: [00:21:00] Gotta name a report. Name it after yourself.
Declassified Dave: The masturbatory,
the report is quoted. It is clear that individuals who provided support for the Contras were involved in drug trafficking. The Contra supply network was used by drug trafficking, organizations and elements of the Contras themselves knowingly received financial and material assistance from drug traffickers. where 
Mystery Mike: in 1996, we meet a very important person when it comes to the CIA drug 
trafficking story. Gary Webb wrote a series of articles that investigated Nicaraguans linked to the CIA backed Contras who had smuggled cocaine into the us. They then distributed crack cocaine into Los Angeles and funneled profits to the Contras. As 
we mentioned
Declassified Dave: really, if you 
Mystery Mike: man, that's it's genius sell the drugs, man. His articles [00:22:00] asserted that the CIA was aware of the cocaine transactions and the large shipments of drugs into the us by the Contra personnel and directly aided drug dealers to 
raise money for the Contras.
So that's kind of like selling drugs to support lesser terms, terrorism, right?
Declassified Dave: In the eighties and nineties, it probably still was pretty a pretty big industry, but what's the largest industry in the United States right now, 
Mystery Mike: Hmm. I would say pharmaceuticals. Yeah. 
Pharmaceuticals, definitely. 
Declassified Dave: Think about all the people that were locked up in the eighties and nineties for selling crack 
cocaine are 
probably still
if you're bringing it to these neighborhoods, then it's a way to essentially, bring the drugs in. They either kill each other die from drug overdoses or we lock 'em up. So it's just getting people off the street that they don't want there. You're eradicating a group of people because of an accidental shipment that was [00:23:00] purposely dropped. . It's winning on all fronts for whoever is writing the book,
Mystery Mike: This was during the time of Ronald Reagan that. The 
introduction of crack cocaine into neighborhoods is happening. And it's pretty well known that Ronald Reagan was very racist against African Americans. So how much of his involvement into this, is playing a part, kind of a joint operation between the office of the president, the CIA, the FBI, other law enforcement DEA. So how deep does that really run? We kind of focus on the CIA because they were the pushers at the time. They were the providers at the time, but there's gotta be some sort of chain of command unless it stays within the CIA, like most things do. But I would imagine that Reagan definitely had his hands in some of this at least.
Slick Fronk Sanders: I didn't know that he was [00:24:00] racist like that. 
Making that point, I wouldn't put it past him the fact of
endangering these communities with drop shipments of crack cocaine from the sky to literally just tear them
Mystery Mike: Here's my other thought on it. It's something that we talked about kind of earlier was that cocaine needs to be processed into crack. Now, when 
shipments are coming in from south America and wherever they're coming from central America, they're being brought in as pure products. They're bringing this stuff in as cocaine. Now, at what point is it being processed into crack? 
Declassified Dave: Probably at the, like the higher drug dealer level,
Mystery Mike: Yeah, the distributor. 
Yeah. but as we said before, that shipment was 
dropped already in the form of crack cocaine.
Slick Fronk Sanders: So the CIA was turning it into crack to stretch their money, inflict as much [00:25:00] damage as they possibly could without giving them even the slightest benefit of being able to make a buck off of it. I mean, obviously people made money off of it, but not as much as they would, if it was just pure cocaine being dropped, it was just immediate
Mystery Mike: That had to be done in the states, obviously to be turned into crack. 
Declassified Dave: yeah. 
Mystery Mike: The shipment that they dropped into the hood was already crack.
Slick Fronk Sanders: Venezuela doesn't 
ship out crack. 
Mystery Mike: No south America and central America doesn't ship out crack. 
Declassified Dave: Crack's an American drug. 
Mystery Mike: cracks an American drug it's it's so that, that brings up the point. Who transformed this cocaine into crack 
Declassified Dave: somebody did along the line, along that shipment line, 
Slick Fronk Sanders: they must have had to buy so much Armand hammer baking soda.
Mystery Mike: or what do they use? A powdered milk? Powdered dairy [00:26:00] creamer, 
not saying that I know how crack is made, but 
Slick Fronk Sanders: no. 
Declassified Dave: No, join us next week for mystery Mike's recipe on crack,
Slick Fronk Sanders: To start a whole drug manufacturing segment. I'd love to have that book. Hell
Declassified Dave: The Los Angeles times, the New York times and the Washington post launched their own investigations. Web's allegations 
and they rejected them. They were probably
paid off, 
Mystery Mike: wouldn't be the first time. 
Declassified Dave: web later published a book based on the series of writings. He called dark Alliance, the CIA, the Contras, and the crack cocaine explosion
Mystery Mike: It's a good title. 
Declassified Dave: I wanna buy it. I think I'm gonna buy it. Yeah. You already have dark fleet. You might as well get dark Alliance, right.
 Nazis and crack. 
Mystery Mike: Dude. My [00:27:00] my conspiracy bookshelf is growing and I can't keep up with the reading. It's very much my fault because I spend a lot of time doing other things than reading, but I need to catch up. Let's just say that I'm like five books behind 
Declassified Dave: are good to have.
Mystery Mike: yeah, you don't have 
to read em you just got to 
have them. 
Declassified Dave: web stated in the book in the 1980s, when the CIA exerted a certain amount of control over Contra groups, such as the Nicaragua democratic force, as well as the DEA they granted pardons to and put on the agency's payroll in which important Contra supporters and fundraisers were known by the us government to be cocaine smugglers.
Mystery Mike: So that's one step further into it. The CIA not only was buying these drugs, dispersing these drugs, altering these drugs, possibly, [00:28:00] uh, but supporting the drug dealers, the drug smugglers and getting them out of trouble pretty much so that they could continue to process cocaine in which they could sell and distribute more.
Slick Fronk Sanders: just a theory though, right? It's just a theory. Like
Mystery Mike: Yeah, 
Slick Fronk Sanders: that's 
Declassified Dave: No big deal. Hm.
Slick Fronk Sanders: According to several conspiracy theories, the CIA used MENA Intermountain, municipal airport to smuggle weapons and ammunition to the Contras and Nicaragua, as well as drugs back into the United States.
Some theories even implicate political figures, such as Oliver, north and former president George H w Bush even good old bill Clinton.
Declassified Dave: Where do you think Bill 
got all those good cigars from man? 
Mystery Mike: The CIA's own self investigation, which was overseen by the CIA's inspector general. He said the CIA had no involvement in or knowledge [00:29:00] of any illegal activities that may have occurred in MENA. How convenient. I really think that it should be against the law to investigate yourself as a 
group or as an organization. 
Slick Fronk Sanders: It seems like a conflict of 
Mystery Mike: massively, that's when you come into the whole, well, this is classified information. You can't have that because it's classified information.
So who's gonna investigate and get the clearance to go after the CIA, other than the CIA. 
Slick Fronk Sanders: We 
have a federal bureau of investigation though, and I'm not saying that would be much better to have them look into it, but at least it's not the CIA looking into the CIA's dirtiness. You've got a whole different organization coming in and looking from the outside again. It's all. One big cesspool of dirtiness, but still it's a different organization.
They could have went[00:30:00] 
Declassified Dave: Didn't this happen in nine 11 too. During the
where the FBI investigated themselves. 
Mystery Mike: mm-hmm. 
Declassified Dave: Yeah, just investigate yourself.
Mystery Mike: that's how these organizations get away with what they get away 
They just say, oh, a supervisor looked over our paperwork and determined that we did nothing wrong.
Declassified Dave: Like a fantasy world. 
Mystery Mike: the published report said the agency conducted a training exercise at the airport in collaboration with another federal agency and companies 
located at the airport provided routine aviation related services on equipment owned by the CIA.
Declassified Dave: flares in San Diego the
Declassified Dave: 
Slick Fronk Sanders: Juan ma Ballero a Hondura drug Lord owned. Setco an airline used by the Nicaraguan contrast to transport, military supplies and personnel in the early 1980s. This drug Lord owned a whole airline dude. How baller, 
Mystery Mike: Well, when the CIA is paying for your drugs, you know, you got enough money to buy an entire fleet of planes. 
Slick Fronk Sanders: That's so dope. 
That's some [00:32:00] grand theft auto stuff right there.
Declassified Dave: dude. Can you guys imagine doing a hush hush airlines?
Slick Fronk Sanders: No, I couldn't even imagine that. 
No, that'd be great. I'll push as much crack as they need me to.
 Writers Peter Dale, Scott and Jonathan Marshall said the United States government's desire to conceal or protect these strange shipments led to close the DEA office in Honduras, where an investigation into Secco began that airline, that the drug Lord owned, allowing ma balls to continue and expand his trafficking. 
Declassified Dave: Keep it 
Slick Fronk Sanders: that. I don't 
know. Looks messy.
Declassified Dave: it does. It gets even messier. Let's travel a little north to Mexico, two former federal agents and an X CIA contractor told an American television network in October of 2013, that CIA operatives were involved in the kidnapping and murder of DEA [00:33:00] covert agent Enrique, because he posed a threat to the agency's drug operations in Mexico. According to the three men, the CIA was collaborating with drug traffickers to transport, cocaine and marijuana to the United States and using a portion of the profits to fund Nicaragua, Contra rebels, attempting to destabilize Nicaragua's Sanda government. 
Mystery Mike: The relationship between the CIA and the Contra is pretty long going at this point. And it seems like they're going very much out of their way to keep them out of trouble and to keep them running business as usual. Hmm. 
Declassified Dave: It seems more of a political thing though, in those countries, like they're doing it to hold certain groups or governments at bay, by allowing these major organizations that are drug organizations, the Contras to operate, it's pretty much, 
[00:34:00] superseding the government, cause a lot of these countries, I mean probably in the eighties and nineties their governments were probably not the strongest.
that's why you had rebels and, militia and different groups of people that were trying to just pretty much , run the shit.
Slick Fronk Sanders: Just to break it down a little bit. What we're saying is the conscious applied the drugs, the CIA used to the drug profits to fund the rebels and then the rebels over through Nicaragua's government. 
Am I getting that right?
Mystery Mike: they were, the Contras were being used to destabilize the governments. 
Slick Fronk Sanders: So it's just sort of 
an eye scratch your 
back. You scratch mine, sort of.
Mystery Mike: Yeah. And also a long roundabout way of supporting a group to destabilize a south American government. 
Declassified Dave: . It's funny that to really look at the war on drugs. and how it was such a political ploy, for elections and, identical to what we're dealing with. Now, when you're talking about [00:35:00] certain things where you have one president elect, that's saying, I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna do that.
. And it seems to be executed at a very high level, in a very discreet level, but, but an accidental 
Mystery Mike: The CIA had the plan to destabilize the Nicaragua government to also go and destroy the financial backings of European countries that were invested in south America, in Nicaragua. 
Declassified Dave: shady business, 
Mystery Mike: because everybody was looking for Nicaragua's natural resources. Europe had kind of jumped on that the only way that America could jump on the wagon and take over those natural resources was to get rid of the existing government, which gets rid of the existing contracts with the European countries that are in business with them. 
Slick Fronk Sanders: Dirty as 
Declassified Dave: And if 
they're in bed
with the Contras, 
Mystery Mike: in response to the allegation, a CIA spokesman [00:36:00] called it ridiculous to suggest that the agency was involved in the murder of a us federal agent or the escape of his alleged killer. I'm calling bullshit on that 
Declassified Dave: yes. 
Mystery Mike: In 1989, the United States invaded Panama as part of operation, just cause which involved 25,000 American troops general Manuel Noriega head of Panama's government had been giving military assistance to Contra groups and Nicaragua at the request of the us. What a relationship, which in exchange allowed him to continue his drug trafficking activities, which they had known about ever since the 1960s. Yeah. So not only are the CIA getting involved in their own drug operations here on American soil, but they're also helping well known drug dealers and drug smugglers and drug [00:37:00] producers in south America continue to do their job to obviously supply them, but to keep that drug trade going on and on and on 
Slick Fronk Sanders: it's 
like a really dirty circle of life.
Declassified Dave: Frank and I were talking earlier, before we, uh, jumped on, he asked, is this where they got the video game just caused from?
Slick Fronk Sanders: , I'm definitely looking for an answer to that, cuz I never really got into the just cause video games I played like just cause four. But I didn't really get into the story of it, but I, feel like those take place at some sort of south 
Declassified Dave: I feel like they do too. I don't think I've
played any of them honestly, nicaragua's got a lot to do with all of this, especially in central and south America, they seem to come up any other country that we talk about Mexico, Venezuela, Honduras. 
They seem to pop up, 
Part of that small sliver of land in between south America and Mexico. that's a route to get into the United States if you're not [00:38:00] using planes , or boats, or their, operation was just fucking huge. Could have been that too.
Slick Fronk Sanders: That could be it. They could just sit at the top of this food chain and by being so high up, they're just sprinkled throughout all of the business operations.
Mystery Mike: Nicaragua, especially like we said before, has natural resources and a couple of 
those natural resources, obviously being gold, silver. 
And gold was mined pretty aggressively throughout the seventies and eighties in Nicaragua. it could possibly be a reason as to why CIA was so hard struck to go after Nicaragua and take it as land of their own 
Declassified Dave: Oh, so the same reason why we did 
desert storm 
the oil fields. 
Mystery Mike: it's a thing that you can kind of trace back to any war that we've ever had. What is the real reason that we went to war for in any country? [00:39:00] But I would say post world war II, obviously, cuz that's different, but going into different countries. That we've started wars with, especially in desert storm, you had poppy fields that were being taken over and the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan in the two thousands more poppy fields, 
Declassified Dave: O that was definitely opium. Yeah. 
Mystery Mike: it always boils down to something that we want to get out of these places. And out of these people, I think you could pretty much trace most of our wars or conflicts or anything in the news cycle nowadays to being in places where we want something from them. 
Slick Fronk Sanders: dude, stop. It's definitely to stop the spread of communism. I don't think money had anything to do with 
it. We were just 
fighting communism this 
whole entire time. Don't be fooled. 
Mystery Mike: yeah. just like Hitler was trying 
to stop communism by killing Jews. Right. 
Slick Fronk Sanders: When the DEA tried to indict [00:40:00] Noriega in 1971, the CIA prevented them from doing so they're just looking out for their boy, the CIA, which was then directed by future president George H w Bush provided Noriega with hundreds of thousands of 
per year as payment for his work 
in Latin America. 
Mystery Mike: work 
Slick Fronk Sanders: Oh, you know, he was gold,
powdery, sniffy gold. 
Mystery Mike: , why does it seem like George Bush was into some shady shit before he became president? 
Declassified Dave: Cause he fucking
Slick Fronk Sanders: why does it seem like he became 
Because he was 
into some super shady shit. 
Mystery Mike: you know? He doesn't remember where he was. When president JFK was killed 
Slick Fronk Sanders: What do you mean his 
brain's missing? 
Declassified Dave: That was in the eighties. Right?
Slick Fronk Sanders: do you mean? He's dead? 
Declassified Dave: When CIA pilot, Eugene Hasenfus was shot down over Nicaragua by the Sandinistas government.[00:41:00] Documents aboard the plane revealed many of the CIA's activities in Latin America and the CIA's connections with Noriega became a public relations liability for the us government, which finally allowed the DEA to indict him for drug trafficking after decades of allowing his drug operations to proceed unchecked.
Slick Fronk Sanders: You think they would be smarter than to leave a bunch of those documents? Just like laying on a plane. Yo,
Declassified Dave: Is the DEA the angel on the shoulder of the us government and the CIA's 
the devil 
Mystery Mike: And the FBI is the useless fucking flacid penis of a 
94 year old 
The sole purpose of operation just caused was to capture Noriega and push the former Panamanian leader into the PA. NUIA where he surrendered to us authorities. His trial took 
place in Miami, where he was sentenced to 45 years in prison [00:42:00] seems, seems reasonable. That's a reasonable amount of time for a drug trafficker world renowned.
as CIA director in the mid 1970s and Ronald Reagan's vice president Bush helped shape a world of strong men, wars, cartels, and migrants that still exist today. Good job Bush. 
Mystery Mike: talking a lot about the relationship between the us government and the CIA with south America and central America. But don't forget that the CIA also had a very strong relationship throughout the nineties, especially with drug cartels in Mexico. 
 The CIAs kind of got their fingers dipped in a bunch of different, uh, honey pots. 
Slick Fronk Sanders: Where, did it 
fall apart? Is this still happening 
Mystery Mike: Where do you think cocaine is coming from? not being made in America. 
Slick Fronk Sanders: Is it still under the CIA's influence or is it 
just cocaine[00:43:00] 
Mystery Mike: I would say that a lot of that is still being guided by the CIA, or other governmental entities, but I don't know, the existence of like cartels and a lot of other things are kind of questionable, which makes me believe that the CIA is still very much heavily involved. It's a tough one. 
It's a tough one. I think it's a good mix of people out there trying to make a lot of money off of selling drugs, but also the us government half allowing that to happen.
Slick Fronk Sanders: Well, yeah, there's money to be made in drugs, being dispersed in our country, 
Bush was particularly involved in the events that became known as the Iran Contra controversy, which was a series of Alyssa activities that began with a covert effort to supply Contra rebels in Nicaragua. In order to destabilize [00:44:00] the said Marxist government. This attempt was linked to drug trafficking, the exchange of weapons for hostages, with Iran and financial issues.
Declassified Dave: 
they were selling drugs and weapons or trading or whatever, drugs and weapons to Iran and Nicaragua
in a love triangle. 
Mystery Mike: They were getting the drugs from Nicaragua, bringing them to the us to sell them, taking the profited money, sending it back to the Nicaragua rebels who were then destabilizing the Nicaraguan government to destabilize the 
financial markets of Europe so that America could move in and then the money and trading it for weapons to trade for hostages, with Iran. Did you get all that? 
Slick Fronk Sanders: Are you guys picking up on the irony here [00:45:00] that, European settlers came to the Americas to rape the Americas to go back and rape Europe, hundreds and hundreds of years later. It's fantastic.
Declassified Dave: stick it to the ground. Well, now that we're in the middle east, let's travel to Afghanistan guys here. It's a beautiful
Mystery Mike: I hear 
 The mountain ranges are really nice. 
Declassified Dave: I got a friend that was in Afghanistan for maybe two years solid. And, uh, he said it was probably one of the prettiest places in the world besides having bullets whiz by your head. Ahmed Walli Kazari the brother of Afghanistan's elected president Hamid Kazari he was on the CIA's payroll 
for eight years prior to October of 2009. He also is accused of being involved in middle Eastern opium trafficking. We've all heard of those fields now really quick, 
eight years prior to October, 
2009, lands 
pretty close to 
September 11th, 2001.[00:46:00] 
Slick Fronk Sanders: a coincidence, bro. 
Just a coincidence doesn't mean nothing,
Mystery Mike: bro that's something that we mentioned is the protection of poppy fields. it goes hand in hand. why else would we go and invade. Countries that had nothing to do with the actual terrorist attack on 9/11 
Declassified Dave: After having the crack epidemic 
in the eighties and nineties now look at the, the two thousands and the 2000 tens. I mean the heroin. 
Mystery Mike: it makes me wonder what governments they're trying to destabilize now or what, their aim is now. when you move away from the relationship that you had with Nicaragua and Noriega and all those different people of south America and central America, and you start moving to the middle east, and now you're moving into heroin. What are really the moves? What are you using that heroin money for? Or what are you using those poppy fields [00:47:00] for? where is all that money now being funneled into? Is there rebels in another country? 
Slick Fronk Sanders: deal. 
Mystery Mike: According to Alfred McCoy, the CIA encouraged heroin manufacturing in Afghanistan for decades to fund activities aimed at preventing communisms expansion.
Why is it always communism? Why are we so worried about communism? We're so worried about communism. 
Declassified Dave: Mm-hmm 
Slick Fronk Sanders: here. It's in front of you. We have washed down communism in our own country, so I don't know what the issue is , with chasing after it. 
Wild goose chase for communism, 
golden egg that 
Mystery Mike: Recent operations have been accused of attempting to limit the spread of the Islamic state in Afghanistan, Southeast Asia, central America, and Columbia McCoy, alleges that the CIA protects and incentivizes local war Lords to become drug Lords. And that the [00:48:00] CIA is implicated in the global drug trade. According to one of his books.
Slick Fronk Sanders: The CIA supplied trucks and mules that had carried arms into Afghanistan that were used to transport opium to laboratories along the Afghan Pakistan border. The output provided up to one half of the heroin used annually in the United States in 1993, an official of the DEA dubbed Afghanistan, the new Columbia the drug world.
But shouldn't it be the new Nicaragua realistically?
Declassified Dave: Well, they weren't producing 
Slick Fronk Sanders: Well was 
Declassified Dave: I think south America's the white gold shit.
 Moving on to another region. We have something called the golden triangle. If you haven't heard of it. In the 1950s, the nationalist Chinese army 
organized by the CIA was to wage war against communist China, again, communist. And it became an opium Barron of the parts of Burma, [00:49:00] Thailand, and Laos.
 Also became the world's largest source 
of opium 
and heroin
During the us military involvement in Laos, in other parts of Indo China throughout the sixties and seventies, air America flew opium and heroin throughout the area, or we'd like to welcome you to American airlines.
It's just, all the seats are filled with bricks.
Slick Fronk Sanders: The pilot is 
anyway, though. 
Declassified Dave: Yeah. Put your tray tables
Mystery Mike: interesting little fact air America is said to be the CIA operated 
airline. So it's not an airline that is privately owned. It's an airline that is owned and operated by the CIA in order to traffic, these drugs. 
Slick Fronk Sanders: think North Korea might end. If it hasn't already playing a role in some of these crazy ass drug wars. I mean, cuz if you go back it's it's communism, communism, communism, communism. That's , the mask that this drug [00:50:00] war wears communism. When you look at our communist enemies at the time, who else do you have left playing on the field?
Declassified Dave: Oh yeah. Well, the Korean war was in the fifties, we played a huge part in that too.
Mystery Mike: Let's not ignore the fact that there was the military involvement in Laos during the sixties and seventies, which also was the timeframe for the Vietnam war. 
And during that, there were tons of GIS that were. Becoming addicts 
because of the heroin movement. There was a laboratory at CIA headquarters in Northern Laos that was used to refine heroin.
Hmm. Why does the CIA have, uh, a room where they're refining If they're not drug trafficking? After a decade of American military intervention Southeast Asia had become the source of 70% of the world's illicit [00:51:00] opium and the major supplier of raw materials for America's booming heroin market, 70%. Wow. You guys ever had 
Declassified Dave: yeah. Yes. 
Me and a friend 
used to dip
joints in 
Slick Fronk Sanders: Did 
it make your Dick fly off? Like what happened? Did all of your fingernails 
Mystery Mike: What a place 
Declassified Dave: it, uh, it elevated the marijuana. I'll tell you that.
Slick Fronk Sanders: oh my God,
Declassified Dave: who knows. I mean, we bought it from some guy behind a Cumberland farm, 
Slick Fronk Sanders: isn't America. 
Mystery Mike: to. 
Declassified Dave: It is. It's
Slick Fronk Sanders: We also have the notable mention of freeway, Rick Ross, who was never publicly prosecuted for the huge drug empire that he presided over in LA that all took place during the mid 1980s. A 1987 case pursued by the freeway. Ricky task force was dismissed by a local court [00:52:00] for police misconduct and the federal case against Ross was closed when deputies involved were accused of corruption.
Declassified Dave: What is with the fucking names, the freeway Ricky task force, dude, like, come on guys, 
Mystery Mike: Do you think Rick Ross 
is still dealing drugs? 
Declassified Dave: Probably not, but , I'm sure he's got the spoils of his drug kingpin life because between 1986 and 1990, a number of other jurisdictions investigated Ross's activities. None were successful. And in October of 1986, Ross was eventually arrested on federal charges in Los Angeles conspiracy to distribute cocaine in St.
Louis. The case was later dismissed for lack of evidence. He also had 
charges against him for selling his supply in Cincinnati, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Los Angeles, parts of Texas. There were other states involved as well. This [00:53:00] guy sold his drugs everywhere. And funny enough, he tried to Sue rapper, Rick Ross in the mid two thousands and ultimately lost in 2013 for his name.
So the rapper whose name is not in fact, Rick Ross legally. 
Stole his name and won the case
Mystery Mike: Geez in one day 
Slick Fronk Sanders: Ross was probably on CIA payroll, right. To have established a massive empire like that on us soil
Declassified Dave: and not get caught.
Slick Fronk Sanders: and just keep getting away with it. 
Declassified Dave: I think he was working 
hand in hand with the Contras and the CIA, I watched a documentary of him where they were asking him, what was the most money you've made in one day? And he, without question 3 million. Yeah. 
Mystery Mike: he Had to have been on somebody's payroll because. You would imagine somebody that large in the drug dealing game is being [00:54:00] watched by multiple organizations. And if the CIA is involved, they're using him as an asset at that point, because if he's moving that much weight and he's dealing that much drugs and he 
is a drug kingpin, why not use him for distribution in the United States with all his already developed network going? So it would be smart if obviously if the CIA is trying to further distribute these drugs throughout the United States, you have a huge drug dealer living and working out of LA, but his reach is nationwide. he's the perfect asset for the CIA to go after and to have on their payroll. 
Declassified Dave: And I'm sure the DEA was looking at 'em too. And the CAA was 
Mystery Mike: Yeah. 
Declassified Dave: no, no, 
Slick Fronk Sanders: Sh quiet, quiet, quiet, 
Mystery Mike: Maxine waters is an American politician serving as the us representative for California's 43rd congressional [00:55:00] district since 1991 
water's demanded an inquiry into the 1980s crack epidemic in Los Angeles. She wanted to know if quote the us government hired or organized operators, smuggled, transported, and sold it to American individuals.
Slick Fronk Sanders: The department of justice declared that it had found no evidence to support the original story members of the committee received testimony about the charges that the CIA promoted, the introduction and spread of crack cocaine in American cities in order to fund Contra activities in Nicaragua.
Declassified Dave: So they just threw it out. This whole entire hearing is on YouTube. You can watch the entire thing 
Mystery Mike: at what point does the just turn around and say, yeah, we did this. 
 the evidence is so mounting against them and in support of them pretty much creating the crack epidemic and creating [00:56:00] the large portion of the drug problem in America today. 
Slick Fronk Sanders: But who's 
Mystery Mike: But that's what I'm saying. If the CIA came out tomorrow, Saying that they knew about the drug operations, they were in charge of the drug operations and they did do all these things and they funded the conscious and they funded, this 
person or that person and this leader and that leader 
nobody's gonna go after them. 
Declassified Dave: the same thing that's happened with nine 11. They said their piece and nothing changed, 
Slick Fronk Sanders: They won't just come out and say it, even though it's already public knowledge and anything conspiratorial along the lines of the CIA, you've seen what happens when people dig into that sort of thing. When you try to get them to fess up for it, when you try to catch them in one of their schemes, all of a sudden you're in a sick car, open top with your wife and your brain goes missing.
nobody's [00:57:00] asking questions. It's public knowledge, and they're not gonna admit to it. They're not gonna fess up. They won't take responsibility.
Declassified Dave: Well, gentlemen, that was page one of 366 of research hustling. Stay tuned.
Slick Fronk Sanders: For the next 
Declassified Dave: we do a Reddit segment and look up some juicy stuff, every episode. And we try to find just interesting tidbits. The first one
was a guy named Michael Levine, and he said in a 1998 interview mind you, this hearing was in 1998 as well. He said, quote, as an X D agent, I found the complete lack of coverage by mainstream media of what I saw last night during the congressional hearings into the CIA drug trafficking [00:58:00] on CNN is both 
depressing and frightening. 
Mystery Mike: well, yeah, the 
CIA also owns and operates the mainstream media 
Slick Fronk Sanders: that that was happening back in the nineties. Like it's much more prevalent now the whole, not censorship, but choosing not to cover 
things. I didn't 
know that that was 
happening back then. 
Declassified Dave: That's probably 
been happening 
Mystery Mike: probably actually more so in the sixties, seventies, eighties, and nineties, because that's before the invention of the internet. So where are people getting the sources of their information? They're getting it from the news. They're getting it from television. They're getting it from radio. So if all that's being controlled by the CIA and the narrative is being formed by the 
CIA, nobody knows any different obviously with the invent of the internet and what the internet has become today. There's a lot more sources for [00:59:00] information. So it's a little harder to control that narrative, but it's still very prevalent. They obviously own websites. , they have their hands and so social media and everything that you touch. So they do have a little bit of control still.
But I think, like I said, with the internet, I think , it's kind of cracked open, so it's harder for them to control, but they still do it. The evening news is still all scripted. Every single station out there is getting the same script, say this about what happened. Don't talk about this. 
Declassified Dave: Yeah. You see that one video where it takes like 30 or 40 different news stations and they all like link 'em up together and it says something about, this is a danger to our democracy. It's like the same line. Yeah.
Slick Fronk Sanders: I love that clip. I love it
Mystery Mike: Mr. Levine continues. He said, I sat 
gate mouthed. As I heard the CIA inspector general testify that there has existed a secret agreement between CIA and the justice department [01:00:00] wherein during the years of 1982 to 1995, the CIA did not have to report the drug trafficking its assets did to the justice department. Hmm. That's very interesting. so they did kind of admit to it. They definitely admitted to it. They just said, oh, we didn't have to report this. They admitted without admit. The CIA also had collaborated with news outlets and newspapers to smear the dark Alliance book by Gary Webb.
Slick Fronk Sanders: For example, the New York daily news, the Baltimore sun, the weekly standard and the Washington post were supplied with material, quote, these more balanced stories. And the Washington post proved particularly useful
Declassified Dave: Yeah, there's still a crock of shit. 
Mystery Mike: I think that is going to bring us into our final thoughts, boys. This is where we each give a [01:01:00] brief final thought on whatever our topic is this week being CIA drug trafficking, declassified. Dave, tell us what you think about the smuggle in some dope. 
Declassified Dave: happened. It's probably still happening. And after page one of 360 6 of research, uh, I'm realizing that this has been a very elaborate plan that these guys have done, but messy at the same time, maybe it was on purpose, maybe it wasn't. But clearly the CIA has been involved in many, many countries and including our own. The trade of if not production of things like heroin and crack cocaine and LSD. I think this is a very real thing. They got caught in 98, but nothing came of it and nothing's gonna come of it [01:02:00] because are the shadow shadow government 
Those are my final thoughts. 
Mystery Mike: I will say that the CIA has been drug trafficking for a long while, as we have seen, I do think that they continue to do it to this day. I think that they are kind of in a, a black budget, if you will supported by their drug running and their drug trafficking, they have been proven to support and protect drug traffickers throughout the decades.
Uh, they've been involved with these people. They have helped these people and they have kept them running. And this is all an attempt to overthrow governments to do whatever they feel is necessary with the funds that they don't have to report to anyone. I would love to do another part to this because as [01:03:00] Dave said, there is a ton of research and a ton of examples and it is just piles and piles. Our boy slick, Frank Sanders. Give us your final thoughts on CIA drug Trafficking
Slick Fronk Sanders: Absolutely. Well, as you guys both said, it's undeniable that everything that we talked about had happened, there's no ifs and or butts about that. It's kind of astonishing that they got away with it for decades and decades and decades with very minimal resistance and that these things are still probably taking place.
 If I had to guess probably with heroin mostly at the time when it comes to us elaborating on the subject, I'd love to see where this could possibly go with Charlie Manson and a little bit more of the psychedelic [01:04:00] ness of the seventies and what the CIA's role played in all of that. More importantly, like you mentioned earlier in the episode, Mike, I just wanna see where all of this goes for the future, what the plans are for all of that. Because back in the sixties, they probably had plans for the nineties and back in the nineties, they probably had plans for the mid two thousands and so on and so forth.
 How early were they planning for? How far in the future and where could this all go with the CIA drug trafficking and how much more can they possibly get away with without repercussion
Mystery Mike: Yeah. As far as repercussions, I would say the only real repercussions that they ever have is somebody 
just resigns. Instead of anyone taking any blame or going to jail or anything like that, they just say, oh, I think it's time for me to leave the CIA. I think it's time for me to leave my seat and beyond my way.
And that's how they make their getaway. And then the [01:05:00] next person steps up and does the next thing and so on and so forth. It's just a perpetual line of yes. Men and a perpetual line of people that are gonna just, uh, just resign from their posts 
Declassified Dave: or they got whacked. 
Slick Fronk Sanders: People that oppose the word of the, the good word of the higher ups. Yeah, whack.
Declassified Dave: That was my question about the CIA though. , is there a known understanding from other government organizations like the DEA or like the NSA or even just people at the Pentagon, knowing that if you fuck with the CIA, you might end up dead. 
Mystery Mike: I think it's pretty well known, just like, uh, it's 
Declassified Dave: Yeah. 
Mystery Mike: that if you talk about Hillary Clinton, I mean 
Declassified Dave: Pizza, hot dogs. 
Mystery Mike: guys, one more thing before we close this out, let's not forget. Gary Webb, Gary Webb went on to expose all of this and he quote, committed suicide two bullets to his head. [01:06:00] 
Declassified Dave: Oh, I didn't know guns worked that way.
Slick Fronk Sanders: Yeah. 
Mystery Mike: possible. The coroner did say that he shot 
through his face with the first hit. And then the second one made its 
mark. But. do we believe that? I don't know. There's been plenty of 
Declassified Dave: don't know,
Mystery Mike: the back of the head. 
Declassified Dave: We did find a CIA manual or handbook. I believe we talked about previously where it said, there was 
methods of killing people and one of them was dropping out of a window. 
Mystery Mike: Well, that's gonna conclude our bender on the CIA drug trafficking. Hushlings was there anything that we should have discussed? Did we turn a blind eye to a shipment? Did we deliver a good midnight climax view? Let us know your thoughts on this topic and any other topics that you'd like to discuss with us, you can always reach out to [01:07:00] us at our email contact@hushhushsociety.com. 
Slick Fronk Sanders: Join us for our next debriefing, where we will grab our EMF readers and pack our bags full of Sage. As we explore some ghost towns from around the world, you can enjoy that debriefing everywhere.
Monday, July 25th.
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Mystery Mike: spooks again. Spooks 
Declassified Dave: Hushtober in July. I like it.
Slick Fronk Sanders: Tune in on August 15th at 7:00 PM Eastern standard time for a live debriefing where we will explore the conspiracy iceberg chart for our two year anniversary. It's gonna be a ton of fun.
Declassified Dave: Well Hushlings thank you again for joining another [01:08:00] debriefing the hush hush society. Conspiracy hour. I'm Declassified, Dave.
Mystery Mike: I'm Mystery Mike
Slick Fronk Sanders: And I'm Slick Fronk Sanders.
Shout out Gary Webb.