A campfire chat with fellow podcasters discussing cryptids from around the world.
Cryptid Chronicles

Cryptid Chronicles: Dover Demon

June 13, 2022

In this fireside chat, the boys are joined by Isaac of Hidden in the Shadows Podcast. They discuss the Dover Demon a cryptid that may be a demon, may be an alien, or something else entirely. If you have any questions or top…

Cryptid Chronicles

Crytpid Chronicles: Melon Heads

May 2, 2022

Join your Preceptors and Niko of Upstate Unconventional Podcast where we talk about Melon Heads in a brand new Cryptid Chronicles! The Melon Heads are a cryptid hailing from Connecticut, described with large bulbous heads a…

Cryptid Chronicles

Cryptid Chronicles: Lochness Monster

Jan. 3, 2022

This trip the boys are joined by Shelby and Chrissy of Pentacles and Tentacles. They sit by the loch and discuss the origins and stories surrounding the mysterious cryptid. Could Nessie be a dinosaur who survived against all…

Cryptid Chronicles

Cryptid Chronicles: The Duende

Dec. 6, 2021

In this tale around the fire, your preceptors are joined by Steve from Misfits and Mysteries Podcast. They have a few brews and talk The Duende, a cryptid from the Latin world that is both mysterious and mischievous.    Yo…

Cryptid Chronicles

Cryptid Chronicles: The Chupacabra

June 21, 2021

Join the boys by the fire this week as they tell stories about the famed Chupacabra. They are joined in the great outdoors by Tony of Flicks XRayed podcast.   You can find the Hush Hush Society at our website      www.hushh…

Cryptid Chronicles

Cryptid Chronicles: The Mothman

April 14, 2021

The Hush Hush Society talk about the mysteries of the Mothman with our guest, Yami of the Cryptid Chat Girl Podcast.Part 2 - The MothmanApril 19, 2021(3:53)  Mike introduces Yami to the show and she fills us in about her lov…

Cryptid Chronicles

Cryptid Chronicles: The Jersey Devil

Dec. 25, 2020

The Hush Hush Society talks about the mysteries of the Jersey Devil with our guest, Jeremy of the Infinite Rabbit Hole Podcast.(1:55) Mike introduces Jeremy from Infinite Rabbit Hole Podcast and we learn how they're podcast …