Hush Hush Society Conspiracy Hour

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#32- The Secret Space Program

Sept. 20, 2021

Join the society this week as they explore The Secret Space Program. Is NASA and the government hiding advanced flight technology? Have we been exploring the galaxy longer and further than we have been led to believe? Could …

Declassified Discussions- Ben Hansen

Sept. 13, 2021

On this episode the preceptors sit down for a quick chat with host of Alien Invasion: Hudson Valley, UFO Witness and Fact or Faked on Discovery Plus, Former FBI agent and paranormal/UFO investigator, Ben Hansen. They talk Be…

#031- Simulation Theory

Sept. 6, 2021

Are you ready to load into the matrix? Do we exist or are we all part of a complex computer program? This episode is the premier of season 4 of the Hush Hush Society Conspiracy Hour! Your preceptors explore the science and b…

#030- N.W.O and the Illuminati

Aug. 30, 2021

Welcome to our One Year Anniversary show! This live show was recorded 8/17/21 We discuss the far reaches of the sinister NWO and the secret powerful group known as the Illuminati.    For any questions or inquiries please ema…

Declassified Discussions-Micah Dank

Aug. 23, 2021

On this evenings show, we welcome astrotheologist, bible decoder, author of "Into the Rabbit Hole" book series and all around interesting man, Micah Dank! We discuss astral projection, relating the bible to zodiac symbols, a…

Guest: Micah Dank

#029- The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel

Aug. 9, 2021

In this debriefing the society takes a look at one of the most famous exorcisms, that of Anneliese Michel. Anneliese was a German born woman who underwent over 60 exorcism rites by the Catholic church. After her passing, a t…

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