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Join your preceptors; Mystery Mike, Declassified Dave and Slick Fronk Sanders as they journey into a world of conspiratorial mysteries, dark truths, cryptids, cults, and the paranormal

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Recent Episodes

Declassified Discussions

Declassified Discussions: Jessi Doyle

Feb. 6, 2023

In this episode the boys are joined by outdoor adventurer, Cryptid and paranormal investigator, and host of Hellbent Holler, Jessi Doyle. Jessi is a great storyteller and thorough investigator. Her and her partner have come …

Guest: Jessi Doyle

Waking Up In An Ice Bath: A Tale of Organ Harvesting

Jan. 30, 2023

Join the boys as they globetrot in search of loose kidneys and other organs. They explore global organ harvesting, a massively lucrative black market business that leads, to murder and unethical medical practices. Listener d…


Clone-ing Around With My Pals: A Celebrity Doppelganger Extravaganza

Jan. 16, 2023

Explore the possibility of cloning pop stars and government officials in this debriefing. Join the discussion as the boys examine the science and feasibility of cloning famous musical artists and politicians. Are some of you…

Declassified Discussions

Declassified Discussions: Doenut

Jan. 2, 2023

In this Declassified Discussion the boys are joined by content creator and YouTube personality Doenut. Doe produces videos exploring symbolism, conspiracy, numerology and more. This conversation covers a wide array from pop …

Guest: Doenut

Sherry Shriner; Messenger of the Highest God

Dec. 26, 2022

In the early 2000's an internet personality would amass a devout following willing to do her every bidding, possibly spawning the first internet cult. Sherry Shriner believed she was the messenger of the highest God, sister …

Declassified Discussions

Declassified Discussions: MR Gorga

Dec. 19, 2022

Join the boys on the latest episode of Declassified Discussions as they sit down with best-selling author and paranormal investigator MR Gorga. MR Gorga shares his personal stories of encounters with the paranormal and dark …

Guest: MR Gorga

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About the Hosts

Mystery MikeProfile Photo

Mystery Mike


Mystery Mike is a chill sasquatch from the Pacific Northwest. He's a father to a baby-squatch, husband to a lady-squatch and an avid conspiracy lover.

Slick Fronk SandersProfile Photo

Slick Fronk Sanders


Slick Fronk Sanders was raised with the conspiratorial world at the forefront of his interest. He has been interested in government cover-ups, aliens, and the paranormal for as long as he could remember, possibly even being a former operative himself.

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Declassified Dave


Declassified Dave, is an out of this world extraterrestrial being from a distant star system. He is here on Earth to deliver secrets and spread dark truths of the universe beyond what any can imagine.