April 3, 2022

The Richat Structure. What is it?!

The Richat Structure.  What is it?!

The Richat Structure is a circular geological formation in the Adrar Plateau of the Sahara in west–central Mauritania, Northwest Africa. Geologists consider it to be a highly symmetrical and thoroughly eroded geologic dome about 25 miles in circumference, exposing sedimentary rock in strata that appear as concentric rings.

This structure also houses extraordinary collections of Acheulean archaeological relics. Because of its look and general proximity to Plato's accounts of the probable location, some believe this was the location of Atlantis!

According to the description, the city was made up of concentric rings and is surrounded by mountains with running rivers, as well as a southern entrance and a wide flat area to the north.  We do know that sea levels have risen and fallen in the past AND there are two major impact sites near this site. Could this have been a coastal location at some time in history?

Hushstronauts, what do you suppose the Richat structure is?  Could it be the long lost remnants of the civilization of Atlantis?  Is it just a fascinating geological site?