April 27, 2022

Max spires: A Suspicious Death

Max spires: A Suspicious Death

Max Spiers, a British journalist and conspiracy theorist, died on July 16, 2016.  The cause of death for the 39-year-old was ruled to be "pneumonia and drug intoxication," Spiers, according to reports, was a heavy drug user with a history of crack and heroin addictions. Authorities concluded that he had dangerous quantities of oxycodone and Xanax in his system when he died.

The journalist was recognized for his outspoken criticism of government leaders, who he believed covered up UFO sightings, suppressed alien presences, sanctioned "secret military activities," and conducted experiments on children.

Spiers bought "eight to ten" boxes of a Turkish pharmaceutical similar to Xanax in the days leading up to his death, according to his friend, Monika Duval. She also confirmed that he had taken a few of the pills before falling asleep on her couch.

Duval noticed Spiers had stopped breathing shortly after he fell asleep.  Regardless of the fact that she dialed 911 immediately, Spiers was pronounced dead on the scene.

Spiers died of "natural causes," according to a coroner, and they "excluded participation of further persons." His family, friends, and followers, on the other hand, are convinced he was murdered.

In the weeks leading up to his death he claimed that "satanic groups" were stalking him. In the days leading up to his death, he also sent texts to his mother, expressing that he feared for his life and that people were trying to kill him. 

 Although paramedics arrived at the scene, it seemed as though there wasn't anything they could do, as he was already pronounced dead. You also have to take into consideration the amount of concern that max expressed leading up to his death. Was this just coincidence or orchestration? Hushlings, let us know what you think about this suspicious death!