Sept. 5, 2022

This Killakee Kitty Purrs!

Come jig through county Dublin with the boys while we explore the mysteries of the legend of the Killakee cat. We talked about the lay of the land, we broke down what the Killakee cat is and how it came to be, talked about some sightings of the damned fe...

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Come jig through county Dublin with the boys while we explore the mysteries of the legend of the Killakee cat. We talked about the lay of the land, we broke down what the Killakee cat is and how it came to be, talked about some sightings of the damned feline, as well as a cult that may have played a hand in the legend.  

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Killakee Cat Transcript



Dave:Greetings Hushlings, welcome back to the hush hush society Conspiracy hour.

Mike:Where we journey into the world of conspiratorial mysteries and dark truths.

Dave:I'm declassified Dave.

Mike:And I'm mystery Mike, and as always, we're joined by our fellow Irish cuchie Slick Fronk Sanders.

Frank:Hey, yo. Hushlings what is going on? Mike, Dave, Top O’da mornin.

Mike:How we doing? All those Irish things, right?

Frank:all the Irish things. The potato famine and Connor McGregor and Jameson and guns. And Guinness, Guinness, yes.

Mike:Yeah. Irish car bombs.

Frank:Yep. Yep. That's what we're talking about today. Irish car bombs.

Dave:Frankie, I don't know if you've ever heard this story, but Mike and I were at a bar once watching guys sip Irish car bombs. And we were making fun of them and the situation could have gotten outta hand, but we showed them how to drink them. And they probably got really lit.

Mike:It's like the Jiff of the cartoon, like mind blown type of thing 

Frank:yeah. Yeah.

Mike:what? That's all you're supposed to drink 'em.

Yeah. You're not supposed to drink curdled fucking nastiness.

Frank:Ireland is a truly fascinating country. Its lands are both mystical and beautiful. The tales and lore of these lands are indicative of the miserable and depressing lows the country has seen throughout History

Dave:The entirety of Ireland is scattered with the remains of castle ruins, ancient stone structures and abandoned mansions. All of which have a story to tell. stories of ghosts, Banshees, leprechauns, pookahs, and even demonic black cats.

Mike:Thats right Hushlings, Demon cats. Today We'll be investigating Dublin, Ireland, home of the infamous black cat of Killakee

Frank:We'll be talking about the lay of the land, breaking down what the Kilakee cat actually is and how it came to be some sightings of the damned feline, as well as a cult that may have played a hand in the legend


Mike:But before we search for the black kitty cat from hell, be sure to check us out on all our social medias. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also find us over at our discord where every Sunday we are watching a bunch of episodes of the XFiles, that's right. Mulder and Scully, uh, late nineties, early two thousands.

Nostalgia. Feel good about it. Come by 7:00 PM. Eastern standard time. Every Sunday with us, you can also chat with a bunch of other Hushlings. Hey guys, have you heard about this conspiracy? No, you're not crazy. That's what happens.

Frank:Pretty much

Dave:And then you just get berated by everybody else.

Mike:That's right. You don't believe in a flat earth. How dare you? Sick.

Frank:you think space is real? pathetic.

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 And speaking of those Hushlings that have joined us, we'd like to shout some of them out. Thank you to Milly rock. Thank you to Jennifer Onita, special. And our favorite Mike Hunt. Wait. Oh, I see what you did there.

Dave:He's the best. He's the best. 


Frank:Hushling's. Have you ever heard of Montpelier hill in Dublin Ireland? Just think about it. Have you ever heard of that?

It's sorta kind of a mountain and there's been decades and decades of spooky shit happening on this chunk of land in Ireland.

Mike:It said that the hell fire club, no not from stranger things, set up shop at the very peak of the summit in an old hunting lodge back in 1765, whole piece of land. They rented that out and further down the hill was the old Massey estate, a massive mansion, which at this point sits in ruins in the woods. There's rumor that the hunting lodge at the top of the hill is actually cursed since it was allegedly built on an ancient burial ground and stones from the carin were used in the construction.

Why do people build on top of fucking burial grounds?

Frank:Well, not only that, but they're taking the monumental piece of the burial ground, being those stones that they used to like almost represent the burial site they're taking those stones and using them in the walls of their building.

Dave:That's not good. 

Frank:If that's not desecration, I don't know what it is.

Mike:Would you, uh, shop at a Walmart or a big box store that was completely made up of headstones?

Frank:Would you know that it was made up of headstones? Is it like the inside of the walls or can you see it?

Mike:yeah The entire outside, you can just walk up, see people's names and the whole, the whole rigmarole

Dave:or Walmart mausoleum?

Mike:Walmart's made to look like castles.

Frank:I'd feel safer in that Walmart than most other Walmarts.

Dave:Costco does sell coffins. 

Mike:Buy em in bulk.

Dave:Buy em in bulk for your whole family.

Mike:  Your whole family. Just come home with five coffins. Hey kids. Guess what? Daddy brought home.

Dave:It was in this lodge that the hell fire club initially started to hold their black masses.

They would pray to the underworld they'd worship Satan 

Mike:Hell Satan.

Dave:They'd make sacrifices of goats and members, dwarfs, And black kitty cats.

 What a plethora of sacrificial beings, ya got..

Mike:You can't discriminate, Satan doesn't discriminate. He takes all. 

Frank:I've heard that the health fire club specifically holds some strange importance in relation to black cats. Almost if they are the physical embodiment of the devil himself. Anyway, one foggy Irish evening, the club held their mass atop of the hill. It was this night where they would bring yet another black cat to offer up to the devil.

But this time was a little bit different.

Dave:Mm indeed It was 

Mike:Quick segue. So I know that Fronk is a cat person.

Frank:I am. Yeah. I like cats

Dave:I have a black cat

Mike:Uh, yeah, Dave just got a little black kitty

Frank:Well, I can tell you from experience, black cats are pieces of shit and you should get rid of it while you still can.

Mike:Do you know of all the cats that I've ever owned? I've only ever owned black cats? 

Frank:And they probably all sucked. Right. And that's why you don't have a cat? 

Mike:No, no, they were great.

Dave:She's pretty good. 

Mike:I've always had great cats. I haven't had many, but I've had great cats.

Frank:I used to joke about how my black cat was the spawn of Satan and it, in relation to this debriefing, it, it brings some truth to it because she did some like really weird shit. She would like walk up the walls and contort herself all fucking weird. It was weird, man.

Dave:Maybe that went one to one with your, uh, paranormal experiences and the places you've lived.

As we said this time was a little bit different. The president of the club walked into the room, dressed as the devil with Hooves on his feet. That's dope, horns on his head, the whole nine yards guys. 

He then initiated the ritual by having two members douse this cat in whiskey, which was followed by setting it on fire. That's terrible.

Frank:Yeah. Yeah. That's some real sick shit.

Dave:it better not be good whiskey. 

Mike:It's also the most Irish way that you could set a cat on fire.

Dave:Just set a cat on fire with whiskey.

Mike:I don't know. I think cats are pretty flammable anyways, but

Dave:Yeah, I would say, Meow

Mike:throw a nice cask whiskey on there.

Frank:That won't go good in fondue

Mike:After the cat was lit on fire, he scampered around the room furiously and somehow managed to get out of the lodge. it immediately dashed for the tree line and got away. It was shortly after this very incident that the hellfire club's meetings place burnt down.

Hmm. How curious?

 No surprise there seeing as they were constantly messing with fire. What's the old saying? although it's not confirmed whether the fire was an accident or not.

Dave:What if it was just a ritual gone bad.

Frank:Or a ritual gone well. 

Dave:yeah. Or the final ritual

Frank:What if they were trying to embrace the flames of hell and they were like, the only way we can do that is to, to set this building on fire. We need to be inside of the fire,

Mike:I wonder if anybody died in the fire.

Frank:Since they were left with nowhere to meet up anymore, they moved their meetings conveniently right down the hill, right into all that was left of the old massey state, the steward's house or more commonly referred to as the Killakee house. After the club made their switch, the cultish activities of ritualistic sacrifice and setting trees on fire died down and eventually the hell fire club stopped holding their gatherings there altogether.

Dave:There is note that they not only lit kitty cats on fire, but people as well, I also found that there is a ghost of a woman screaming in anguish in the area. And it said that she was murdered by being trapped in a barrel, which was set a light. It was probably a whiskey barrel and rolled down a hill while young members of the club left.

And they're Merry they're Merry chuckles.

Mike:I'm sorry, I would've laughed too. That's pretty funny.

Dave:  can you imagine, just like getting the barrel,

Mike:You get in there, get in there. 

Dave:Get in the barrel, kick her in.

Frank:A little bit of a segue on the woman in the barrel. We mentioned in the intro of this episode, and I don't wanna get too deep into it, cuz it's a whole nother topic where we're here to focus on the killakee cat. But in this very same area of Montpelier hill is the Massey woods and in the Massy woods is where you have the apparition of this young woman that was set on fire in a barrel.

And the apparition is referred to as a banshee, like we mentioned earlier and she said to stroll the woods and scream and scare the shit out of people. There's a whole lot of weird stuff happening in this location. 

Mike:I've always thought that females have a more powerful connection to the ethereal or to the occult or to the paranormal, which is why I believe that a lot of ghosts that are female tend to show themselves more often than males. I may be wrong, obviously, but the female apparitions and ghosts are more terrifying to me because they're always screaming.

There's always , some sort of, if they're wearing these, these wedding dresses or something, they look sad, they wanna kill you and chop your nuts off all that good stuff.

Dave:No eyes


Mike:Yeah. No eyes, whatever it may be.

Dave:They make popping noises.

Mike:I just feel like females are more likely to become apparitions or ghosts than males, or maybe more powerful in that sense.

Dave:They do have the ability to cook life and create it.

Mike:That's true.

Dave:So maybe that maybe there's something to that, to the recycling of souls. And they're the vessel that makes it happen.

Mike:And then you think about witches, 

obviously there's warlocks. Mostly women are tied to paganistic rituals. It's just one thing that I've always had in the back of my mind is that I feel like females have a higher energy potential for paranormal activity.

Frank:Interesting connection, nonetheless.

Dave:What are people seeing you may ask in the vicinity of Montpellier hill hauntings were originally reported in 1968 and in 1970 by Margaret O'Brien and her husband who had purchased the Stewart house with the intention of renovating it into an art center.

The Stewart house is also the Massey state that we had just mentioned.

Frank:What remains of it, It's the only last building that's actually still standing on the entire estate.

Dave:An arts center though.

Frank:Yeah. Yeah. The couple was preoccupied with other projects and allowed several builders to live there, to work essentially. workers restoring the house, experienced several sightings of a huge black cat said to be about the size of a dog with gleaming red eyes.

Dave:That's a big Kitty

Mike:Are there Panthers in Ireland?

Frank:No, no, there's no Panthers in Ireland.

Mike:You don't know that

Frank:I'm I would make a very well educated guest to say that there's no Panthers in Ireland

Dave:Maybe Bobcats.

Frank:Bobcats, maybe, Fisher cats, maybe, but that's just a big weasel. 

Mike:There were other paranormal-like events that happened in the 1970s, multiple seances and ouija board sessions were carried out in an attempt to lay the ghost arrest. Good old ouija boards. You guys ever mess around with ouija boards?

Frank:Never in my life and I never will.


Mike:I've done it a few times and I've been freaked out. I think penn and teller said that they were fake and proved that they were fake and whatnot, but I've had some weird coincidences that have happened around ouija boards. Maybe there's something to 'em just a little bit something. Unfortunately, the disturbances accelerated and worsened lights would turn on and off by themselves. Furniture was broken into pieces during the night and bells were heard ringing

Dave:That's fucking creepy. 

Mike:Yeah, the dwarf boy was seen walking with a blood stained man. What? See that is…

Dave:that's when it gets weird


Frank:when you start seeing the apparitions of dwarfs little Ghost dwarf 

Dave:some guy covered in blood,

Frank:Dwarfs are fucking creepy enough,

Mike:Now were they holding hands ?

or were they just walking side by side, like friends?

Dave:probably just side by side, if they were holding hands, that would be even creepier.

Frank:Many of these said employees left without even collecting their pay. And they refused to stay in the house any longer. one night, a local artist, Tom Mcassey, and two other men were painting the main hall as well as another room when the temperature dropped noticeably.

And very suddenly even locked doors began opening by themselves.

Dave:Yeah. That's when I'd leave

Mike:Yeah, that's a big nope for me.

Frank:Yeah, but they were probably like drawing cool dwarfs on the walls. You can't just walk out from that job.

Dave:I'm not finished with the art project. Shortly after that, a heavy 18th century door swung open, revealing, spooky swirling mists. It's said that the door had been locked earlier in the day. Creepy 

Mike:so the workers were in there just baking it out

Dave:Yeah. That's what they were doing. The wacky tobaccy in the,

Mike:just getting all wacky

Frank:Hey, man, you want good art? Right?

Dave:Mcassey also witnessed a shadowy figure on the doorstep who spoke in a menacing, guttural voice, warning them that the door must not be closed as they ran away in fear. The figure in the hall changed form. Ooh, we got shapeshifters.

Mike:Mcassey described it as quote, a monstrous black cat with Red flecked Amber eyes crouched in the half light. 

Frank:Setting up the scene.

Mike:Sometimes when we do these quotes from people, their wordplay is just wonderful.

Frank:They're doing the heavy lifting here. Not us.  

Mike:Later Mcassey painted a portrait of quote, the black cat of Killakee, which still hangs in the house today.

People began to notice that the painting seems to find a way to become tilted, even when straightened out.

Frank:Mm, very weird, very weird stuff. 

Mike:Maybe the house is slanted. 

Frank:Yeah. It could be a poor foundation, 

Mike:These people are unimaginative.

Frank:It is Ireland could be potatoes growing underneath the building causing a slight angle. 

they're really hearty, fucking vegetables, so I could see it lifting up a house. It's interesting though, about the portrait, electronic equipment even fails around it.

And sometimes people that are near the portrait tend to feel a little bit dizzy. There have been countless more sightings of this infamous black cat in the area.

 In an effort to witness the Poltergeist at work, another seance was performed, but nothing incredibly unusual happened that day. The situation changed entirely the next day, when a gooey liquid began to seep throughout the house.

Dave:This is very multi-layered with weird shit. You have apparitions, you have all of the stuff that would come with paranormal, cold spots, things moving, breaking doors, opening lights, turning on and off. But now you have this goo, I don't think we ever found what colored the goo was, but if it's a black goo, that's very reminiscent of what we always go back to is like a reptilian interdimensional thing.

And I know our listeners have heard us before with Mike and I talk about how we think demons are probably most likely interdimensional beings.

Frank:This brings up a thought. I watched an Amazon prime original movie or something. Zach Baggins made this movie where he went to go investigate this house. The family was plagued with  this haunting in their home. And some of the younger children in the home were becoming possessed.

They were having problems emotionally and at school and it was messing up This family's lives. So Zach Baggins goes out to this house and starts to perform a multi-week investigation. And one of the days while investigating the house, I forget if it was while he was locked in by himself overnight, or if it was him and the crew, whatever, black go did start seeping from the window sills. This is something that happens with paranormal sort of things. I don't know if it's like a Poltergeist thing or like you said, some sort of reptilian, interdimensional, seepage. I've just, I don't get it. I haven't heard of it a lot, but it definitely happens.

Dave:happens in a lot of horror movies too, 

Frank:Yeah, but I always thought that it was like this dramatic effect sort of thing,

Dave:There's also other things that happen, pottery from the O'Brien family was broken all over the house. paintings were actually destroyed. And in the days that followed many varieties of hats began to show up, baby caps, sun hats, wool hats, women's hats, men's hats, snapbacks, anything you want dad hats. They appeared on the floor and the chairs.

So they just materialized there. They weren't the O'Brien's hats. And some of them actually included Polish and French coins inside of them.

Frank:That's really weird.

Dave:Yeah. It gets even stranger. And then they finally, in 1977 had a priest exercise the house and nothing happened.

Mike:The hat thing is very weird.

Dave:I don't know. Does the Killakee cat he's just a cat. Wears hats.

Frank:fuck you.


Mike:One night another seance was held and the ghosts of two nuns would pop up unexpectedly from time to time confronting guests in the gallery. Nuns are creepy man.

Dave:Mm-hmm ,

Mike:a medium visited soon after and claimed that the spirits were those of women who had assisted in satanic rituals done by the hellfire club.

 So the hellfire club had nuns assist them in the satanic rituals.

Dave:one of 'em must have gotten somebody pissed off cuz they put her in a fucking barrel.

Frank:I can't imagine that they were actual Catholic nuns though. Looking at it from like a satanic cult perspective. If you had women members, it seems like something a satanic cult would do like, Hey, can you guys wear these nun outfits in an attempt to mock God while we do these satanic rituals, can you wear these sacred garbs while we do demonic exercises in this building, just to fuck with God 

Mike:that actually makes a lot of sense. Yeah.

Frank:Locals felt it was not the spirit of a cat, but rather a terrifying elemental spirit. Those who have encountered it report that it is capable of speaking English and has a face that can only be described as disturbingly humanoid. Like if you've seen the painting, it's really creepy. It's not the face of a cat.

 It has like this facial expression in the painting that, it's just a creepy painting with this cat with this weird human-like face.

Dave:Yeah. I mean, it's not even like a very realistic painting. It's just kind of cartoony 

Frank:But you gotta bring it back to this artist's experience. Right. He saw this human apparition in a doorway that spoke to him. And then it morphed, it changed into the cat form. So what if it's one in the same? A human and an animal? Yeah. So yeah, like an elemental sort of thing. Like a skinWalker,

Dave:Yeah. That's where I'm leaning towards is that this whole area has some real, either powerful energy or darkness to it.

Frank:Well, you got dwarves in the woods and women screaming at the top of their lungs, angry cats.

Dave:The art center. Was replaced by a Dublin restaurant called the Killakee country house, which was operational until 2001. It was purchased in 2001 and has remained as a private residence since then. Is the painting still there in the

Frank:Yeah. Yeah. As far as I know, yes,

Mike:Why would you buy that house and keep the painting in it?

Frank:It's historic. 

Mike:All right. Hushlings and Watchers. It's time for our Reddit section. This is the part of the show where we have combed the subreddits looking for anything interesting or wild or weird from Reddit, a user named “spiritualwarfare101”. What a wonderful name said, quote, these are known as familiar spirits.

 They are of a demonic nature and either a company or assist witches

Mike:Do we know where the original, lower comes from with black cats and witches?

Is this tied to it at all?

Dave:This is interesting. So looking it up, black cats are often a symbol of Halloween or witchcraft. In most Western cultures, black cats have typically been looked upon as a symbol of evil omens, specifically being suspected of being the familiars of witches or actually shapeshifting witches themselves. 

Frank:Okay. Okay.

Dave:so there's complete connection

Mike:Maybe that apparition that they saw in the doorway was not an apparition. Maybe it was a witch

Dave:an actual witch. 

Mike:an actual witch, and then changes form into the cat in front of them.

Frank:But why would the witch be like this door has to stay open

Dave:cuz it's the portal.

Mike:No locked doors in this house.


Mike:What was that room though?

Frank:I don't know, 

Mike:What was that room? 

I think that's worth looking into

Dave:I believe it was the room that had the painting in it, correct?


Frank:  the painting with the cat? It, it definitely could be. That would make a lot of sense.

Dave:I'm a little stumped at the moment, you know, there's a lot of layers to this, a paranormal onion.


Dave:The user “unitastanius” wrote about the hell fire club, actually, because I couldn't find too too much about the Killakee cat. It was just repeats on Reddit.


Dave:They were from like 15 years ago.



Dave:It said in a quote, the hell fire clubs of the 18th and 19th century are an accepted fact wealthy and powerful individuals indulged in black mass, fucking, Satan and Demonn worship, Orgies, more fucking and sacrifice. Why do these normies find it so hard to believe that the current wealth and power brokers still do this?

Mm end quote, this subreddit generated about 230 comments.

Frank:Before I go on, can I ask you guys a question?


Frank:What is it with people that like poop on them?

Dave:But did we talk about poop?

Frank:Well, you said orgies and I was like, what if these people were shitting on each other

and then it sparked the question, dude. There's people that like shit on them. One comment, replied, quote, I think people struggled to accept things like this for self preservation. Our brain constantly analyzes your chance of dying, but it doesn't share that with the conscious you, until you're actually in danger. This mechanism preserves our sanity and allows us to take a plane. Even if we're a bit afraid. The same goes for this: people can't accept that a nation and its politicians are corrupt and potentially evil because it would be too much to handle what sounds too scary to accept. We mark as impossible and move on until we can't anymore,end quote.

I feel like a lot of people are like that with aliens.


Mike:True. True. Another reply from the subreddit says, quote, I've seen people try to actually defend the hellfire club and underplay it as just quote silly boys being boys with their fraternities. It's all just a big joke. The same way people do whenever Bohemian Grove is brought up or these skull and bones, two things that we've covered


Mike:How naive and self deluded do you have to be to doubt this or argue its harmless totally normal behavior and activities. Benjamin Franklin's property was excavated and there were numerous bodies found. kind of makes you wonder. I think the hell fire club is a little odd part of this, but Reddit, doesn't say too much about the Killakee cat itself.


Dave:do you think that these groups, maybe not like Bohemian and Grove and skull and bones, but like this one, the hellfire club, do you think they center on this, the site that they originally were at at the top of that hill because of paranormal activity 

Mike:like it's a paranormal hotspot you mean?

Dave:Yeah. Like they knew that if they were gonna do rituals up there, because Ireland's very old, who knows if that hill a thousand years ago could have been known, passed down past, down in generations of being, because it was an ancient burial site. It's definitely a place of some importance. Maybe doing these rituals on top of a burial site or a desecrated burial site made it easier for them to channel these satanic or demonic entities.

I don't know, that was just a thought I've been having this whole episode 

Mike:Yeah, it's an interesting thought. Really

Dave:What's the purpose of the hell fire club and why are so many hauntings happening after the fact of when it was built and after they were there. And I think a little bit might go back to what you said in ghost towns, where there might have been a, quite a bit of murder and sacrifice, and horrific deaths. They're lighting fucking cats on fire

 It could just be a really fucked up place. That's channeling this stuff. I don't know. I was just been tooling in my head 

Mike:That is going to take us into our final thoughts actually. Let's have declassified, Dave, explore that further. Dave give us your final thoughts on the Killakee cat

Dave:Killakee cat, black cats, bad luck. I don't think so. But I think, like I said before, in this episode, there's a lot of layers to this and they're all paranormal. And on top of it, you have the culty satanic aspect to it. I think that there's just an accumulation of lots of weird stuff that might be able to channel it.

Like I was just saying the satanic forms. It could be why there people are seeing witches and apparitions and there's all these things happening. Would I like to go there and see if things move around? That would be pretty cool. Do I believe every single thing that these guys were saying, cuz some of these sightings were in the seventies and people were just starting to get into LSD and fucked up, maybe they didn't see it, but if it's still happening today, then this is probably just a true haunt spot for me. Lots of stuff. I wish there was more about the cat entity that we could have gotten into, but there's so much centered around the cat and the painting and the doorway and that small little bubble. Those are my final thoughts. 

Mike:When it comes to this topic, I don't know that I believe so much in the Killakee cat. I do believe that there may be paranormal happenings around there. If the cat is indeed a true sighting or something that has truly been around, I would definitely think that it has something to do with witches. There's some sort of connection there and whether the cat is a familiar or the cat is a witch itself, just in a different form, remains to be seen obviously.

 I love this topic. I love all this paranormal scary ghost talk. Again, Not sure if I totally believe in the cat being a physical entity in itself, but all the paranormal that goes along with this, it's definitely a paranormal hotspot 

Dave:Definitely, throughout this season, we've set up for a really good hushtober.

Mike:This is very true. All right. Slick Fronk Sanders. Let's hear your final thoughts on the cat.  

Frank:My final thoughts on this are, I'm gonna say a little bit solid. Typically I tend to be a little bit torn, but with this, I do genuinely believe that spirits have the capability of transcending this life into the next, even when it comes to animals. Now, if a cat were to be sacrificed in some sort of tortured tormented way, such as being set on fire, I think that the possibility lingers to where it could stick around as an apparition or as a ghost or as a spirit, whatever you want to have it be the whole switching from human to cat sort of thing,

Alludes me a little bit. And with it, having that humanoid face in the depiction of it on the painting in the Killakee house is just very strange that transcends the idea of an animal. Sticking around in the afterlife here on earth a little bit. It brings another element to the paranormal story. Is this cat something like a skin Walker or like a familiar spirit, something like that.

 I'm not positive, but it's super weird that all of this strange stuff is happening on this one hill. I'm not sure that it all starts with the hellfire club or not. There could have been something going on here prior, or it could all be because of this satanic cult that made this little hill their home, either way,

I think there's definitely some paranormal stuff happening here in Dublin, Ireland. That's without a question, in my opinion.

Dave:I was thinking how there might have been stuff going on beforehand. Well, in 2016, they excavated some large passages to graves and stuff like that. they dated 'em to 5,000 years under the ruins.

Mike:no shit, 5,000 years…

Frank:That hunting lodge that they built on top of that burial site, that burial site was,

I don't think neolithic is the right word, but yeah, it's a very, very, very old burial site, like dating back to the Vikings and shit.

Mike:That carries a little bit something with it too,

Well, Hushlings, that's going to conclude our jig around the streets of Dublin. Did we forget to mention anything? Should we have taken another shot of whiskey before we took a shot at the Killakee cat? Reach out to us. You can find us always at our email

Dave:join us for our 57th debriefing where we finally delve into the subject of the alien agenda slash ancient aliens were humans visited by extraterrestrials in the past where we altered genetically and biologically by who. Or what that'll be streaming everywhere. Monday, September 19th, and also available to watch on the paranormal network the following day, September 20th,

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