One of the best conspiracy theory podcasts out there! Love it!


These guys are great. I gave them a listen, within 20 minutes I was knee deep and hooked. I love these episodes. Whether you agree or disagree, this is fantastic information. Definitely worth your time, subscribe and listen to this. You won’t be disappointed!


Love this podcast. The hosts are engaging and I love putting on my tin foil hat :)

Best conspiracy theory podcast

If you have an open mind and a willingness to learn, you have to check out this podcast! Presents conspiracy theories in a believable manner and let’s you decide for yourself!


Don’t stay hush hush about this podcast! Tell everyone you!!

Love the art!

Can’t wait to check out, keep hearing great things.

Mind blowing

If you love a good conspiracy theory, this show is 100% for you. This cast made me think of things in a new light- I’m definitely subscribing!!

AlonePod review

Man I love me some conspiracy theories, especially when they’re presented like this! Awesome chemistry, awesome topics and flow. I’m there for it!

Great show

If you are interested in the intelligent and insightful discussion of topics that are controversial or on the edge of common cultural norms, this is the podcast for you. These guys will discuss conspiracies, crimes and the like, with great depth and some humor. Definitely worth the listen


Love your voice and sound quality! Very interesting!


Never thought I was a fan of conspiracy theories UNTIL NOW! Great job. You just got a loyal subscriber.

Conspiracy theorist must have

I am not a conspiracy theorist, at least I didn’t think I was. This podcast will really make you question everything. Well informed and well delivered.

Super interesting

I love the concept of diving into some perspectives on conspiracies that have many angles. A really fresh podcast.


Such a well-researched look at some of the stranger conspiracies out there! I love the MK-Ultra episode. The hosts keep a good flow and really know their stuff!

Interesting in the best way

Love this podcast.

Love it!!

Super amazing podcast with the best host!! Highly highly recommended!!

Love conspiracies and this podcast!

Delivered and presented well!

Conspiracy Theories!!!

I love a good conspiracy theory, especially when it involves the government. i am so excited to hear more stories from Hush, Hush! AMAZING!


I’m loving this show. Very up my alley. Love a good conspiracy. Great content and great quality. Subscribed.


Great stuff happening here, and I can’t wait for more! Very informative, diving deeper than most of us want to go on our own. Thanks for this!

Well done

A fun well done show with great info

Very informative!

There was information shared about JFKs assassination that I was not aware of. Keep up the great work guys 👌🏾

Informative and Captivating

Mystery Mike, Declassified Dave and Slick Fronk Sanders bring a lot to the table! Can’t wait to see where this show goes. Lots of intriguing twists on where the facts lead without trying to push an agenda of “believe it or else”. Great research and the conversations are solid. Well edited, too. Worthy of coming back, and we will!