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Hailing from The Carolinas, Hellbent Holler is a two person research team that investigates all manners of High Strangeness in the Southern Appalachians. From the forests of the Land Between the Lakes to the mountains of North Georgia, Hellbent Holler takes a tech-driven, yet unconventional approach to exploring mysterious phenomena. The duo has researched Sasquatch, Dogman, anomalous lights, and wilderness paranormal activity.

Declassified Discussions

Declassified Discussions: Jessi Doyle

Feb. 6, 2023

In this episode the boys are joined by outdoor adventurer, Cryptid and paranormal investigator, and host of Hellbent Holler, Jessi Doyle. Jessi is a great storyteller and thorough investigator. Her and her partner have come …

Guest: Jessi Doyle