April 30, 2021

What is Bohemian Grove?

What is Bohemian Grove?

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Have you ever wondered where the deep state makes all their important decisions? Much like Bilderberg meetings, another gathering garners the power of the elite, both in the public eye and in the shadows. Bohemian Grove is a restricted 2,700-acre campground in Monte Rio, California, owned by the Bohemian Club, a private gentlemen's club. Every year in mid-July, Bohemian Grove hosts a more than two-week encampment of the world's most powerful men. The encampment is 160 acres and includes heavily wooded areas surrounded by Redwood trees and an artificial lake. The lake is frequently used for concerts, “Lakeside talks,” which are mostly informal debriefings on public policy issues, and, of course, the "Cremation of Care".

The summer gathering became a tradition six years after the bohemian club was founded in 1872. Henry Edwards, a founding member and stage actor, announced his decision to relocate to New York to further his career. On June 29, 1878, about 100 bohemians gathered in the redwoods for a farewell party in Edwards' honor. The gathering was repeated the fallowing year without Edwards, and became the club's yearly encampment. The all-male membership of the club includes artists and musicians, as well as government officials, former US presidents, senior media executives, and many other powerful people.
Regular full-time members are typically very wealthy and/or powerful men who pay full membership fees and dues. Due to the club's capacity of approximately 2,700 men, some members may have to wait up to 15 years for an opening. 

Prominent members include

•Richard Nixon

•John F. Kennedy

•George P. Shultz

•Gerald Ford

•Clint Eastwood

•Henry Kissinger

•Ronald Reagan

•George Bush SR/JR

•Colin Powell

•Dick Cheney

The mascot of the Bohemian Groves has been an owl, which represents wisdom, since the club's inception. In the Grove, a 40-foot concrete owl statue stands at the head of the lake. The owl shrine was built in the late 1920s and has served as the backdrop for the annual Cremation of Care ceremony since then. The owl is said to maybe represent the demon Moloch.

The Cremation of Care is an annual ritual performance written, produced, and performed by and for club members. On the first night of the annual encampment, the "performance" is presented. The ceremony encompasses the rowing across the lake of a small boat containing the care effigy, dubbed "Dull Cares."

To ensure the success of the club's midsummer gathering, the ritual symbolically cremates the worldly and "dull cares" of conscience. It is claimed that the cremation is carried out because club members will be involved in unethical business activities and corrupt political decisions in the coming year and want to free themselves of any internal guilt.

Bohemian Groves motto is “Weaving spiders come not here” meaning talk of business is discouraged during the two-week retreat. Apparently, according to Dirk Mathison, a reporter from People Magazine who snuck inside the camp in 1991, there are “spiders” galore.

Ernest O. Lawrence, J. Robert Oppenheimer, and the S-1 Committee, which became the Manhattan Project, met at Bohemian Grove in September 1942 to plan the construction of an atomic bomb. Lawrence, whose work on isotope separation was critical to the project, was a member of the Bohemian club, which provided the group with access to the grounds. There's even a picture of the committee at the grove.

Just when you thought things couldn't get any weirder at the Grove, they do. There have been reports of homosexual orgies, male and female prostitutes engaging in what can only be described as extreme sexual games, and even young children being exploited in heinous ways.

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