May 10, 2021

Safeguarding the Illuminati?

Safeguarding the Illuminati?

There’s no lack of beautiful pyramids in the world. The Bent Pyramid, the Red Pyramid, and holding a coveted position in the “Seven Wonders of the World” is The Great Pyramid of Giza. These archaeological marvels are a goldmine for those who are trying to uncover and connect with a lost past.

However, there is another, deeply mysterious pyramid that you may not have heard of. For it lies in a land shrouded in mystery, better known as North Dakota. Yes, settled in the plains of Nekoma, North Dakota, sits the Stanley R. Mickelsen Safeguard Complex, a pyramidal structure that many have tied to the Enlightened Ones, otherwise known as the Illuminati. Similarly to the previously mentioned pyramids, this structure has rumors and theories surrounding it that connect it to a stressful time in it’s nation’s history: The Cold War.

The building itself has quite a tumultuous recorded history. As the result of a fifteen-billion-dollar investment, it was meant to be the crux of an anti-ballistic missile site. Complete operational capacity was achieved on October 1st, 1975. However, its use was limited to less than 24 hours due to The House of Representatives voting to decommission the site the very next day. The reasoning of The House was that the facilities would be ineffective and unnecessary.

Many theorize that this structure, with its uncanny resemblance to the “Eye of Providence” relates it to enigmatic groups such as the Freemasons and the Illuminati, both of which are heavily connected to this symbol. This design, along with the unusual speed by which The House of Representatives shut down the project only strengthens the arguments of the theory’s pundits. This is a location that once housed the most cutting-edge technology of the Cold War era. It utilized interceptive missiles that could fly at speeds surpassing Mach 10, fast enough to turn the surrounding air to plasma. For it to be so easily abandoned is suspicious at best.

Today, primary ownership of the facilities belongs to the Spring Creek Hutterite Colony (SCHC). The SCHC, a religious farming community, began agricultural projects on the land but allowed the buildings to fall into disrepair. Due to the pride that the local community has for the site, and the backlash from not maintaining the buildings themselves, portions of the land were additionally auctioned off to the Cavalier County Job Development Authority which has plans to create a museum on the Cold War technology. However, the museum has not yet become available to the public due to the various hazards that have resulted from years of neglect and decay. These same reasons have been used to justify 24-hour video surveillance of the land.

What are the reasons for the building’s eerie similarities to the symbols of two legendary secret societies? Do you believe that this defense site could be shut down with such blistering speed by a governmental body made famous for its slow processes? Are the “hazardous conditions” and constant surveillance simply tools to keep the buildings shut down and monitored? Please share your thoughts with us.