Sept. 19, 2022

Haunted Structures in the UK

Haunted Structures in the UK

As Hushtober draws ever closer we want to get creepy and explore old structures in England that have been associated with extreme paranormal phenomena. While many people now accept visitors on a daily basis, others have ghostly visitors that call them home.

Switch on your EMF readers and read these eerie tales and plan your visit today…

If you dare!

We begin our holiday with St Briavels Castle.

St Briavels Castle

St. Briavels Castle is often regarded as the most haunted castle in the United Kingdom. With strong paranormal activity claimed, the castle is now used as a youth hostel; nonetheless, it may not be the best pick for a good night's sleep!

Some visitors have claimed hearing baby cries (Dave says NOPE!) coming from King John's Bedroom, while others have felt their clothes being tugged by phantom hands.

A black hound is seen wandering the apartments, and a gray lady at the end of a corridor, and a knight strolling the castle grounds are among the ghostly images seen at the castle.

Visitors have noted a general sense of oppression, as though something unearthly is there. As a result, some guests have reportedly fled midway through their stay.

Next we visit merry ‘ole London and spend some time in the infamous Tower of London… With a history dominated by confinement and bloodshed, you'd think there'd be a few ghosts and ghouls lurking around the Tower of London and there most definitely are!

Tower of London

Over the years, there have been several stories of paranormal activity in the tower, with some even claiming to see apparitions of prior monarchs strolling the grounds. Visitors have claimed seeing the ghosts of two young princes, Edward and Richard, who mysteriously vanished in 1483.  The boys are frequently seen in the White Tower.

The Jews of London were massacred and their property was plundered in 1265, a week before Palm Sunday. Many of them were stripped naked, attacked, and murdered in the middle of the night. Five hundred of them were assassinated.

Tower of London with poppies to remember the blood shed there.

Those who survived were the justiciars and the mayor of London, who had been transported to the Tower of London prior to the slaughter.

The headless ghost of Anne Boleyn, who was killed at the tower in 1536, is supposed to visit the tower as well. Her spirit has been seen in numerous locations of the tower, both inside and outside, including the Chapel of St Peter, where she is buried.

Let’s check in and grab our room keys at the Black Swan Hotel in York, as a historic city, is home to several haunted locations, including The Swan Hotel, which dates back to the 15th century.

Black Swan Hotel, York

Over the years, there have been several strange occurrences at the hotel, to the point where the hotel now attracts frequent ghost hunters looking for paranormal activity.

Several more ghosts appear on a regular basis. A tiny boy, lovingly known as Matthew by the employees, is frequently spotted in the bar and hallway and is rumored to be a pickpocket, which could explain the disappearance of different objects kept behind the bar.

A highwayman known as Jack frequently arrives in the kitchen, clothed in riding boots and a long black cloak. Surprisingly, the kitchen was constructed over the ancient stable yard. Late at night, he can also be heard singing along to Irish folk music in the corner of the pub.

A less frequent ghostly visitor is a large black cat wandering around the pub as well as a chair by the fire is reputedly cursed and it is said that should anyone sit in it a curse will fall upon them. The boys recommend standing.

Yet the accounts of two legs strolling around the hotel without a body are maybe the oddest of all. Hushlings, have you visited any of these sites? If so, messages us and Let us know your experience!