Jan. 26, 2023

Debriefing 65 - Celebrity & Government Clones Visual Recap

Debriefing 65 - Celebrity & Government Clones Visual Recap

The subject of human cloning among high profile and influential figures in society is ever present into the conspiratorial conversation.   There are a few scientific breakthroughs that have happened over the decades that prop up the theory.

The first experiment of cloning took place in 1885 when scientist Hans Driesch successfully separated a two-celled sea urchin embryo. Once separated each cell eventually grew into a full urchin.  From 1902 to 1958 several experiments were conducted involving amphibians like salamanders and frogs.

In 1984 Steen Willesden used a chemical process to separate one cell from an 8-celled lamb embryo. He then used a small electrical shock to fuse it to an egg cell and by this time in vitro fertilization techniques had been developed and were being used to help couples have babies. 

The result was the birth of three live lambs.

Another similar experiment took place in 1996. The only difference was that the scientists used the nucleus of a cell from the udder of an adult sheep and transferred it to an egg, which was then used to birth a lamb.  This lamb was the only success of all 277 attempts. This famous lamb, named dolly, would bring cloning into the limelight.

President Bill Clinton even reacted immediately, stating that the cloning of the sheep, Dolly, raised, "serious, ethical questions, particularly with respect to the possible use of this technology to clone human embryos". Clinton called for legislation to ban human cloning, as did 13 European countries and several more tests and experiments were conducted over the next 20 years to refine the process of cloning.


Here are some of the images that were used during Debriefing 65;

Kid Buu is a 34 year old hip hop artist who gave an interview on Vlad TV claiming that he is a second generation human clone who escaped from a cloning facility owned by a company called clone aid.  Provided is a screenshot of the interview he had with his "said" clone...


Taylor Swift (Left) and Zeena LaVey (Right)

A screenshot from Taylor's video; "Look What You Made Me Do".


Britney Spears was the music industry's biggest cash cow with her multi platinum albums and sold-out tours. If anything were to happen to her, her record label and team would be out of a lot of money. So they decided to clone her, and save her for a rainy day.

Screenshot from Spears music video; "Break The Ice".


There's several versions of the Eminem clone theory, but the most notable claims that the rapper passed away in 2006.


2 Versions of Kanye West?!


On 11 September 2016, Hillary made headlines for appearing unsteady on her feet and falling all over the place before abruptly leaving a 9/11 memorial event 

Two hours later, Clinton appeared outside her daughter Chelsea's apartment looking healthy and to be frank, different in the face, sparking rumors that there was a clone or some sort of body double at play.


Joe Biden throughout the last 35 years.


Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, some people are incredibly convinced that Trudeau is a clone of Fidel Castro.  We think the resemblance is uncanny!